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The BC Properties

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Media: The Q (Molybdenum-Fluorite)

Fluorspar: from mine to market Poster
Industrial Minerals Data, August 2013,
(0.34 MB)

Niobium-Thorium-Strontium-Rare Earth Element Mineralogy and Preliminary Sulphur Isotope Geochemistry of the Eaglet Property
ZD Hora, A. Langrova and E. Pivec, 2009
BC Geological Survey
Geological Fieldwork 2009, Paper 2010-1
(1.83 MB)

Fluorspar in BC
British Columbia Ministry of Energy and Mines, 2009
Simandl G.J., Fluorspar market and selected fluorite-bearing deposits, BC, Canada.
Geofile 2009-03. Poster
(1.87 MB)

BC MINFILE 2009 093A 046
BC Ministry of Energy & Mines, 2009
Q (formerly Eaglet) Minfile Summary & Inventory Report

Eaglet Property Revisited: Fluorite-Molybdenite Porphyry-Like Hydrothermal System
ZD Hora, A. Langrova and E. Pivec, 2007
BC Geological Survey
Geological Fieldwork 2007, Paper 2008-1
(1.52 MB)

In Search of Acidspar
Industrial Minerals, October 2006
Prices for acidspar have risen steadily in the past year as demand has outpaced production. China remains a major factor as it continues to reduce exports to feed its own fluoride industry. Waning supply has left other major producers around the world struggling to meet demand and prompted interest in new supply projects.
(1.3 MB)

Molybdenum in BC
BC Mines & Energy, Info Circular 2005-3
Mines & Minerals Division

USGS, 2005 Minerals Yearbook, Molybdenum

NRC Canadian Minerals Yearbook 2004, Molybdenum
Natural Resources Canada, Minerals and Metals Sector 2004

USGS, 2005 Minerals Yearbook, Fluorspar


Moly Info Center
International Molybdenum Association

Molymania is Alive and Well
John Kaiser, Kaiser Blog, Bottom-Fishing Report, April 2007

John Kaiser, Bottom-Fishing Report, January 2005

Molybdenum Investor News, Prices, Stocks & Resources

Media: Red Rose

BC MINFILE 093M 067 Red Rose
BC Ministry of Energy & Mines, 2006
Red Rose MINFILE Summary, Production & Inventory Reports

NRC Canadian Minerals Yearbook 2005, Tungsten
Natural Resources Canada, Minerals and Metals Sector 2005

BC Dept. Mines, Bulletin 43, Sutherland Brown 1960
Sutherland Brown, A., 1960:
Geology of the Rocher Deboule Range
(5 MB)

BC Dept. of Mines, Bulletin 10 (Rev), Stevenson 1943
John Stevenson et al., 1943:
Tungsten Deposits of BC, 1943 (excerpts)
(2.8 MB)


International Tungsten Organization

Tungsten Background

Sheelite Background

Media: Spanish Mountain Gold

BC MINFILE 2004 093A 025 Bullion Pit
BC Ministry of Energy & Mines, 2004
BC MINFILE 2004 093A 025 Bullion Pit, Capsule Geology and Bibliography, Bullion Pit

BC MINFILE 2004 093A 043 Spanish Mt
BC Ministry of Energy & Mines, 2004
BC MINFILE 093A 043 Spanish Mountain, Capsule Geology and Bibliography

Kaiser 2005 Spanish Mt play Comes Alive
Kaiser Bottom-Fishing Report, Express 2005-02 (Jan 13, 2005)
Spanish Mountain play of Skygold and Wildrose comes alive

BCGS 1998 Sediment Hosted Gold
British Columbia Geological Survey, Geological Fieldwork 1998, Paper 1999-1
David V. Lefebure, Derek A. Brown and Gerald E. Ray,
The British Columbia Sediment-Hosted Gold Project


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