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Hutton Garnet Beaches

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Media: Hutton Garnet Beaches


"Garnet" in Northern Labrador
CBC, Newfoundland & Labrador, July 2012

A few years ago, Freeport Resources was on the hunt for diamonds in Northern Labrador. Instead, the company found a rich deposit of a mineral called Garnet, north of Nain. Not as romantic or as rare as diamonds - but the sand has its uses. It's in demand as a precision cutting tool in high tech industries. This summer, Freeport is taking a bulk sample of the mineral...and may come back for boatloads of the stuff. A Garnet mine would be a first for Labrador. Brenda Clark is president of Freeport Resources. She spoke to Labrador Morning producer Chris Harbord


Hutton Environmental Assessment Review - South Beach Bulk Sampling (Garnet Sand)
(1.3 MB)

Hutton Environmental Assessment Summary - South Beach Bulk Sampling (Garnet Sand)

Hutton Garnet Request For Proposals 2006
(1.6 MB)

Hutton Prefeasibility & Marketing Summary 2004
(1.2 MB)


'High time to do it' -- Freeport's Brenda Clark is hoping time and tides are right for Hutton beaches project
The Business Post, June, 2012

Getting Closer - Freeport Resources' Brenda Clark determined to see development
The Business Post, November, 2009

Harnessing Garnet in Canada
The Mining Journal (UK), June, 2009

Moving Along - Work resumes on Hutton garnet beaches
The Business Post, June, 2009

Interest growing in Hutton garnet beaches
The Business Post, November 2007

Freeport Resources Moves to Pilot Plant Stage
Industrial Specialties News, September 2007

Proposal Deadline Extension
Resources Newfoundland and Labrador, October 2006

Making The Cut
The Business Post, August 2006

Joining The Jet Set
IM Exposure, March 2006

Cutting Composites
Advanced Technologies Supplement, 2006
(2.3 MB)

Developing The Hutton Project
CIM Bulletin, August 2005
(2.1 MB)

Green Light for Garnet Mine
The Telegram, January 2005

National Park Carved To Make Way For Mining
St. John's CBC, January 2005
The boundaries of the new national park for Northern Labrador have been altered to help facilitate what could be a mining development.

Renewed Prospects For Canadian Garnet
IM Exposure, November 2004

Going For Garnet
Mineral Price Watch, November 2004

Work Resumes In Earnest On Freeport's Hutton Garnet Property
Voisey's Bay News, October 2004

Hutton Garnet Beaches
IM Exposure, February 2004

Working Together
Voisey's Bay News, December 2003
(.7 MB)

Freeport Completes Hutton Garnet Report
North American Mineral News, June 2001

High-grade Garnet Sands For Freeport
Mining Journal, Jan 1999

Freeport Resources Planning Canadian Garnet Sand Study
North American Mineral News, April 1999

Freeport Upgrades Garnet Sands
Mining Journal, May 1999

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